Bankswood Festival is a truly community affair, that relies on the support & good will of many many people. Too many to list here! However as we aim to keep the festival free, and whilst we can do this partly due to support from the National Lottery over the last 2 years,  we rely on the financial support of local companies and individuals to keep it that way. As a thankyou to those people, we are delighted to give them credit here on our site, so a big thankyou over the last 12 months to:

  • William Meadowcroft
  • Anthony Mckeown
  • Paul Harvey
  • Emma Kane
  • Jonathan Frodsham
  • Louise Marshall
  • Katherine Mather

And Everyone else who made a donation over the festival weekend  – You know who you are so thank you all

We are also very grateful for the support of all our public and commercial sponsors, without whom the festival would not happen:


And finally, we could not run the festival without the excellent sound engineers. All of whom are currently training with SSR in Manchester.

If you would like to support us and help to keep the festival free, you can do so by buying a ticket (even though you don’t have to) – you can do that on Eventbright – here.