Sunlighter Acoustic

With their Drummer unavailable for the festival, Sunlighter will be appearing stripped back on the Acouastic stage at Bankswood 16. With Rich’s haunting vocals front and centre, we are expecting a truely unique set.

Sunlighter are a band brought together through mutual respect and friendship. The band, comprising of Rich House (Guitar and Vocals), Chris Birdsall (Guitar and vocals), Liam Robinson (Bass) and Ollie Peyton (Drums) have been firm friends since meeting on a college music course in Manchester, and say the musical connection was present from the outset. “We all knew something special was there from the first time we played together” says Rich, “a certain musical understanding and sympathy between all of us that we couldn’t necessarily explain, but couldn’t ignore.”

Despite these promising beginnings, it wasn’t until Rich relocated to Macclesfield, Chris’ home town, that the band made the decision to start playing gigs. “I had always been keen to get everyone together,” continues Chris, “it just took a little time. As soon as we did, we all knew it was the right thing to do.” Both Chris and Rich brought songs they had developed as solo artists to the band, but the process was very collaborative, as Rich explains: “Neither of us were precious about the songs, and we all trust one another to be honest about what is working and what isn’t. Chris’ approach to song writing is different to mine, but they are very sympathetic.” Chris agrees: “We all bring ideas of what we want to do with a song, and where we want it to go. It’s quite a quick and organic process.”

Within a couple of gigs around the Macclesfield circuit, the band had secured themselves a formidable reputation, along with a headline slot at the Friends of Mine festival. The band are currently working on recordings at Blueprint studios, with a producer who has worked with, amongst others, I Am Kloot and Elbow. “It was important to find someone to record with who we had a similar relationship, and I think we’ve found that” says Rich, “It’s made the whole process much more comfortable”.

With more gigs and festivals planned and the recordings to finish, it’s looking like a busy 2012 for Sunlighter. As Chris says: “It took a little time to get things going, but now we’re at full speed we’re going to see how far we can get!”

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